Over a hundred of places

Accurate and interesting descriptions of sights and interesting places to visit in Gdansk.

Audio recordings

No one likes reading long texts… That’s why the audio guide will tell you about Gdansk like a real person!

Attractions map

The guide contains the map of attractions, which will lead you to all interesting places in Gdansk.

Complete sightseeing routes

You have no more than an hour for sightseeing, and you’ve been wondering for the last 15 minutes where to go first? As this guide contains complete sightseeing tours with maps, you won’t have to plan your sightseeing by yourself.

This guide is obviously available in English

So do not hesistate and buy it now!

Guide for reluctant people (but not only!)

No matter if you live in Gdansk or you come here to spend your holiday by the Polish Sea. Is it your first time in the Tricity or you come here regularly? Do you come here only to see Lechia Gdansk match? Does history usually make you feel bored? Do you also get bored with the traditional ways of sightseeing? It doesn’t matter! This app is for everyone.

Stay Tuned!

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